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PCT 2016

Before the Hike

What is the PCT?

65 days out: Are you crazy?

60 days out: Frequently asked questions

50 days out: Planning

45 days out: Trail terms

38 days out: Resupply strategy

30 days out: Trail mix

20 days out: Getting ready to leave

10 days out: Follow my progress

2 days out: California bound

Trail Journal

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3: I don’t like wind

Day 4: Crappy start; awesome ending

Day 5: 100 miles already?

Day 6: Nero in Warner Springs

Day 7: A walk in the clouds

Day 8: Hiking to Paradise

Day 9: A long wet road walk

Day 10: Idle awhile in Idyllwild

Day 11: A short day out of Idyllwild

Day 12: The long descent to Ziggy and the Bear

Day 13: Bus to ZERO in Big Bear

Day 14: Rocky climb out of Big Bear

Day 15: Short day to Master Splinters Cabin

Day 16: Up Deep Creek Springs

Day 17: Lakeside burger delivery

Day 18: Thank the trail gods for McDonalds

Day 19: Long, hot, exposed, and all uphill

Day 20: Steep climb over Baden Powell

Day 21: Another road walk

Day 22: Dodging Poodle Dog Brush

Day 23: Hiking fast for a pizza

Day 24: Grapes and omelets

Day 25: Nero at Casa de Luna

Day 26: Zero at Casa de Luna

Day 27: the most interesting road walk

Day 28: Night hike among giants

Day 29: Solo night hike in the wind

Day 30: Zero in Tehachapi

Day 31 and 32: Slothing it up

Day 33: Wind: my least favorite element

Day 34: Another wet and soggy day

Day 35: The cruelest of jokes

Day 36: Of mice and Snickers

Day 37: Two milestones in one day

Day 38: Unexpectedly held captive

Day 39: So long desert; hello Sierra Nevada!

Day 40: Zero in Kennedy Meadows

Day 41: A heavy haul up into the Sierra

Day 42: Feeling the altitude

Day 43: Kings of Turd Rock

Day 44: Conquering Mt Whitney

Day 45: Short day setting up for Forester Pass

Day 46: Getting high on the PCT

Day 47: Two passes in a day

Day 48: Mather Pass I dislike you

Day 49: Long and tiring day in the snow

Day 50: Over Seldon Pass

Day 51: Nero at Vermillion Valley Resort

Day 52: White out over Silver Pass

Day 53: Dreaming of Mammoth

Day 54 and 55: Food, rest, and food

Day 56: On the trail again, slowly

Day 57: A easy day in the Sierra

Day 58: Just another day

Day 59: Frosty morning and snow covered afternoon

Day 60: One Thousand

Day 61: So long bear can and thanks for all the back pain!

Day 62: No bear can should mean no more snow

Day 63: Hot dog magic

Day 64: A relaxing day

Day 65: Lake Tahoe!

Day 66, 67, & 68: Zeros in Tahoe

Day 69: Over Dick’s Pass

Day 70: Bad things come in threes

Day 71: High miles and cannibalism

Day 72: Hot climb to magic

Day 73: Just another day on the trail

Day 74: Independence day on the trail

Day 75: Nero in Belden

Day 76: A long climb out of Belden

Day 77: Halfway there!

Day 78: Downhill to Old Station

Day 79: Hat Creek Rim and the need of new feet

Day 80: An end to an era

Day 81: All by myself

Day 82: Surprising news

Day 83 & 84: NERO and ZERO in Shasta

Day 85: Uphill all day

Day 86: A bad day on the trail

Day 87: A long day

Day 88: Hard decisions

Day 89: Home sweet home

Day 90: Heading back to the trail

Day 91: Back in the saddle again

Day 92: Grumpy old men and women

Day 93: Passing time and miles with trail games

Day 94: Walter and Ethel go for a woodland waddle

Day 95: Sandy climb to Timberline Lodge

Day 96: Fin


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