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Day 7: Zero in Frisco


0 miles

Today is going to be a short post. We didn’t do any hiking today bit we did do some walking. We got breakfast across the streer at the Butterhorn Cafe. I gkt a breakfast burrito. It was OK. I’ve had better.

After breakfast we took the bus to Breckenridge. We wandered around main street for awhile and then sat on a bench for an hour or so. Songbird and I would guess people’s names. Around 12 we were getting hungry so we made our way to this cajun place for lunch. I got some gumbo that was pretty good.



After lunch we took the gondola up the mountain to check what was going on. The gondola had a warning about moose in the area. Good to know.


We rode the gondola and at the top was a madhouse. It was full of people. We wandered around for a bit before deciding to just head back to Frisco. We got back to Frisco and ate some more cake. Around 7 we went to dinner at this pub and I got a mac and cheese burger. 

Not much happened today. We just sat around and relaxed. Tomorrow we are heading to Copper Mountain to pick up the trail. Unfortunately, about a month ago a fire near Breckenridge closed the section between highway 9 and Cooper Mountain. We are having to skip about 15 miles.

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  1. Bet you’re glad you’re not heading for home

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