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Day 6: Short day to Frisco


100.8 Horseshoe Gulch to 104.1

3.3 miles

I heard Songbird get up. Around 445. I looked over ans didn’t see 5 Star getting up. I waited a bit more before getting up. As I was just about to get out of my tent Songbird went over and woke up 5 Star. We finished packing and took off. The e miles was pretty easy since it was all down hill.

About a mile in we came to Blair Witch trail. I was so afraid.


As we were coming through this meadow we spotted a moose and her baby about 100 feet from the trail. Absolutely amazing to see. However, moose are incredibly dangerous. 1,500 pounds of short tempered trampling. We slowly walked by and as we were just starting to head away mom snapped. She started to charge. Songbird told us to run and we ran. We ran for 50 feet and I looked back but it looked like mom only ran a bit to scare us off. We kept up a good pace just in case she changed her mind.


Well that was scary. Death by moose. We continued on after our near to trampling experience and could start to see more civilization. We headed down some switchbacks and dropped into an “RV resort.” Not sure I’d call it an RV resort if each RV spot had a house also.

We walked along a small lake and up onto a road. We could see the bus stop that would take us to Frisco. When we got to within 100 feet we saw the bus go by. Dang! I blame the moose. Oh well, another will come in 30 minutes. We patiently wait on the covered seating.
32 minutes pass and we are on the bus to Frisco which is only 4 miles away. We get to town which is really just a main street. We walk down to The Log Cabin for breakfast. I order a Chicken fried steak. I was stuffed after eating.

We had to wait until 13 for our room so we wandered around. We came go a museum and checked it out. Even met a couple new friends.

We checked out a bookstore that let us know how we might die. The first one I opened to was “messed up by moose.”

We sat outside the bookstore until almost 12 and then checked to see if the room was ready. It was! The attendant told us to check the freezer. I hoped it didnt have any sevsred heads.

We got to the room and there was a birthday cake on the table and ice cream in the fridge for Songbird. Awesome!

We dropped our stuff off and headed to get lunch at a pizza place. The pizza was really good. After lunch we took showers and washed our clothes at tbe laundromat while wearing our rain gear. Luckily it started to drizzle a bit.

After laundry we headed to Silverthorne to walmart go get food for resupply. We then headed to REI to get fuel. I decided to bring some freeze dried meals. While in REI we ran into the couple with the dog.

We headed back and stopped at a Mexican food place. It was ok. I got a chimichanga. Ive had better. We headed back to the room and watched a movie.



  1. Hi Jason. Just caught up on your posts. You three are amazing. The Mod Squad.

  2. Chicken fried steak, pizza,chimichanga, cake and ice cream. Is that what you call a balanced diet?

  3. Enjoying it. Hey if no one has ever told you you write well.

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