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Day 6: Nero in Warner Springs

Day 6 – 4/27/16
Barrel Springs 101.15 to Warner Springs 109.45
Total miles: 8.35 + 1.5 side trail to Post Office

Today is a short day or a NERO. I woke up at 5 am and got on the trail at 5:45. The plan was to get to mile 106.25 to get pictures at Eagle Rock while the light was still good. The Hike in the morning was beautiful. Some of the best scenery I’ve seen so far. The pictures just don’t do it justice.








My first stream crossing!


At 7:30 I reached Eagle Rock. Got a few pictures and then took off for Warner Springs.




Today was just awesome. Such a beautiful day.



Right before reaching the road to Warner Springs I took a 1.5 mile side trail because I thought that took me to the resource center where the hikers stay and where the post office is. I got there and realized that the resource center was right off the trail. Dang! Luckily an elderly couple were walking into the restaurant I was sitting in front of. The wife asked me some questions and if I had gone to the resource center. I told her my mistake and so she told her husband to drive me up the road back to the resource center. Bob Schrader is a World War 2 veteran and was a Sea Bee. A very nice man and I’m happy to have met him.

I got to the resource center and it was already full. It’s a pretty great place and the people who run it are amazing and super nice. They have fresh fruit, offer buckets to wash clothes, soak feet in Epsom salt, and use them to take showers in these wood stalls. Just a great place


I set up my tent under a huge tree along with everyone else. Supposed to rain tonight.  Well 50% chance. Hoping it won’t! After setting up my tent I walked another side trail back to the restaurant to get some breakfast and pick up my resupply box at the post office. The restaurant only let’s the hikers sit outside cause we are smelly homeless people. The patio was packed so I went over to the PO and got my box. Walked back and sat next to some people that also started on Friday.


I got a Belgian waffle and some eggs and sausage. So good! Hung out there for awhile socializing and then walked back to the resource center. I sat around for a bit relaxing. After awhile I decided to take a shower, wash my clothes, and soak my feet in a bucket.


After washing my clothes I finally broke down and got some flip flops. Only $3! I always thought it was just extra weight since you walk all day set up camp and go to sleep. Haven’t done that yet. Always seem to be walking around.


Ate some dinner that some trail angels made: chicken, rice, salad, bread, and a snickerdoodle.  Was pretty good. After dinner I planned out the next few days with some guys that also don’t want to hitch into Idyllwild and around to Big Bear due to fire closures.

I walked outside and one of the girls (Tami or Smiles) I’ve been hiking with was sitting on a bench soaking her feet watching the hippy circle. She told me I should soak my feet too so I went and grabbed a bucket and then we started making fun of the hippies and how they all look the same. Got a video of it but the file wouldn’t send without compressing the size and making the quality crappy.



Then we were told to clear out because they hold AA meetings on Wednesday so the hippy circle moved to some tables. Then a guy broke out a trumpet and it became a sing along jam session. Was pretty fun.


After the AA meeting let out I went back into the resource center and finished charging my stuff and made plans for Idyllwild.

Today was a good day. Let’s hope for no rain tonight and tomorrow.



  1. Jeremy Gutierrez-Jensen

    April 28, 2016 at 6:01 am

    Try uploading to youtube. Shouldn’t get losses over it, just pay attn to your data.

  2. We happen to be in the area a few weeks ago and and helped a hiker with a ride to the Center. It looked like a great place to relax and recharge. Enjoying your posts. Take care!

  3. What a great day! Had no idea there would be so much socializing! Envisioned you on this lonely never-ending journey with nothing but trailmix to eat! Happy you are blessed with meeting so many kind, friendly and helpful people. So glad you are sharing your adventure with all of us! Love you! 🙂

  4. Definitely going to be an experience of a lifetime, I’m jealous!! Sounds like Warner Springs was a great place to take a break. And who knew you were such a good writer!! Stay safe. Love you Lots Dude

  5. Aunt Deb expressed our feelings, too. You gave us the same impression. How do you tell “hippies” from “smelly homeless people”?

  6. Eagle Rock. Wow, finally a hiking landmark that looks like what it’s supposed to.

  7. Where is Jason? Well that’s a good question today! Please turn on your tracker so your loyal followers can track your progress (and so mom doesn’t WORRY).

  8. Brilliant achievement – I’ll ‘stalk’ you all the way to the finish line. Hoping to do this trail in 2019

  9. Sounds like your first week is going well and you’re making good headway. I’m so happy you are meeting lots of other equally smelly people! Who knew there would be so many people to meet along the way? Your Aunt Deb was thinking the same thing as the rest of us.

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