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Day 35: The cruelest of jokes

Day 35 – 5/26/16

Robin Bird Springs 602.1 to 624.3

Total miles: 22.2

I always seem to sleep pretty good for the first few hours until midnight. Then I toss and turn for hours. Last night I woke up and it was pitch black and the stars were out. I thought it must be super late since the moon wasn’t out but then I remembered that the moon was rising late. It was only 11:30. And so began the 5 hours of unrestfull sleep. 5 am came and I began my daily routine to break down camp. 30 or so minutes later and we were off. Only 7 miles to water. The start of a 42 mile waterless stretch.  At least we were in a forest with lots of shade though. Continue reading

Day 34: Another wet and soggy day

Day 34 – 5/25/16

Golden Oaks Spring 583.3 to Robin Bird Spring 602.1

Total miles: 18.8

Well today sucked!

I wake up and reach over to my phone to check the time. 5:00 am exactly. My internal clock is perfect. I never set my alarm since my internal clock is usually accurate within 5 minutes. I’ve demonstrated my power a few times and I’m almost always able to predict the time within a few minutes. I promise to use it only for good. Continue reading

Day 33: Wind: my least favorite element

Day 33 – 5/24/16

Highway 58 566.5 to Golden Oaks Springs 583.3

Total miles: 17.2

*I’m at mile 602 and in a wet cloud but I have service!*


The alarm went off at 5 am. The thought of not having the soft and warm bed was not an appealing thoughy. Begrudgingly, I rolled over onto my back and sat up. I blinked a few times before rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I thought about the trail for a few minutes. I was ready to do some miles but the lack of bed, shower, and a porcelain throne didn’t help in getting me moving. I put on my hiking shirt for the first time in 3 days. At least it was clean. Relatively. I finished packing up my things before heading down to see if the continental breakfast was set up or had anything we could quickly grab. Continue reading

Delay in posts

From Tehachapi to Mammoth, mile 558 to 906, there is a strong possibility I will not have service or WiFi. Therefore it could be almost 3 weeks before I can update the site. I will be writing everyday still and will probably spend an entire day posting once I get to Mammoth. My tracker will be on and you can check in and see my progress on the Where is Jason tab.

Day 31 and 32: Slothing it up

Day 31 and 32 – 5/22/16 – 5/23/16

Tehachapi 558.55

Total miles: 0

The last two days involved laying in bed and moving as little as possible. On Sunday we got up had breakfast and talked to a couple other hikers for awhile.  We got back to the room and watched TV and movies until 12:30. We planned on getting lunch and then watching the new Captain America movie. We walked towards the theater and decided on Mexican. We sit down and there is a paper place mat with ads on it. One of them is an ad for hair cuts by Barry “The Blade.” For some reason going there doesn’t sound appealing.


Although apparently hair cutting is a big deal here. Three places right next door to each other. Continue reading

Day 30: Zero in Tehachapi

Day 30 – 5/21/16

Tehachapi 558.51
Total miles: 0.25

I woke up early ready to get into town. I got out of my tent to see if 5 Star was up but he must have been still asleep. I sat in my tent updating the site and browsing the Internet for a couple hours. I heard Captain walk by and he said it looked like 5 Star was up. I walked over and asked 5 Star if he was ready to get going.  We packed up our stuff and headed for the road which was a quarter mile away. Continue reading

Day 29: Solo night hike in the wind

Day 29 – 5/20/16

Tylerhorse Canyon 541.55 to Tehachapi 558.2
Total miles: 16.65

I woke up around 9 and the sun was baking me in my tent. I get up to pee and I see that there is a big oak down the creek a way. I walk down the the creek and see there is a big flat area under the tree. Perfect place to hide from the sun. I move all my stuff down there but it’s a little cold in the shade. It’s a perfect day for hiking. 70° and partly cloudy. Continue reading

Day 28: Night hike among giants

Day 28 – 5/19/16

Hikertown 517.59 to Tylerhorse Canyon 541.55

Total miles: 23.96

The plan today was to do the the LA aqueduct hike at night since it’s flat and there is zero shade. We hung out in the garage room all day except for taking a trip to the convenience store for lunch. We pile into the crappy Astro van which has no middle seat row. Mommy is sitting on the floor next to the door. We turn left to get on the road when the door flies open and Mommy let’s out a hysterical scream. We pullover and tie the door back to the handle. Mommy is laughing but her eyes are watering. Definitely had her life flash before her eyes that’s for sure. Continue reading

Day 27: the most interesting road walk

Day 27 – 5/18/16

Casa de Luna 478.23 to Hiker Town 517.59
Total PCT miles: 0
Road walk: ~20

Today was an extremely long road walk of about 20 miles. A few years ago the section of trail north of the road I took to Casa de Luna was part of the Powerhouse Fire. A large section of the trail is burnt and apparently all of their crap is still up there. So in its place is a 20 mile road walk that bypasses 40 miles of the trail.


Continue reading

Day 26: Zero at Casa de Luna

Day 26 – 5/17/16

Casa de Luna 478

Total miles: 0

Last night in the manzanita forest was amazing. I only woke up a few times. It was so dense in there that it seemed like I couldn’t hear any hikers. Except for the guy who set up right next to me. I think he slept on chip bags and tossed in turned. I slept in until about 6. Got up and walked to the front to go to the Porta potties and then sat in my spot on the couch. There were only a couple hikers walking about for awhile.  A few minutes later one of the helpers for Casa de Luna, Molasses, started making pancakes. I had 4 pancakes. So good.


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