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Day 31 and 32: Slothing it up

Day 31 and 32 – 5/22/16 – 5/23/16

Tehachapi 558.55

Total miles: 0

The last two days involved laying in bed and moving as little as possible. On Sunday we got up had breakfast and talked to a couple other hikers for awhile.  We got back to the room and watched TV and movies until 12:30. We planned on getting lunch and then watching the new Captain America movie. We walked towards the theater and decided on Mexican. We sit down and there is a paper place mat with ads on it. One of them is an ad for hair cuts by Barry “The Blade.” For some reason going there doesn’t sound appealing.


Although apparently hair cutting is a big deal here. Three places right next door to each other.


The food was OK. I got a two taco plate. Definitely had better Mexican. After lunch we went to the Hitching Post Theater. A small 4 screen theater. Maybe 30 people could fit in one. I haven’t been in a theater that small since we used to go to the dollar theaters back when I lived in Florida, over 17 years ago. The movie was pretty good. Has some parts that didn’t make sense but it was still good.

We walk back and planned on getting a pie from this dinner we walked passed but they were closed. Dang! So we decided to cross the street and checkout the bakery across the street. It had a German theme to it. We look in the glass case and see full pies. Huzzah! We get an apple pie. We walk back to the hotel and resume the strenuous task of laying in bed and watching the tube. We eat the pie later for dinner. It was good.


Monday was more of the lounging around. Around 10 we walk to K mart and do our resupply. So much food. Need 7 days of food. That’s almost 14 pounds of food. So heavy… We get back and pack our food into our food bags. Mine barely fits. It’s so heavy! Going into towns is awesome and leaving town sucks. We hang around for awhile before walking down the street to get a burger and shake from the Burger Spot. The burger was OK. Shake was decent. After lunch we decided to hit the hotel gym. Ha! Fat chance of that. No, we did more of doing nothing until dinner time. We went over to a pizza place and I got a sausage and garlic pizza and “garlic” bread. The pizza was OK. The garlic bread was definitely not garlic bread. I don’t even know how to describe it. He pizza place had a lot craft beers on tap. Probably pretty popular on the weekends.


The rest of the night was more doing nothing. Tomorrow we leave for the trail. A bus at 6 am should take us to the trail. Then it’s 7 days to Kennedy Meadows. The gateway into the Sierra Nevada. Can’t wait! The downside is that once we leave Tehachapi there is a strong likelihood of not having any cell service or WiFi until we get to Mammoth. 350 miles away which should take about 3 weeks.  The next month and a half will be a lot of time in between posts. Please know that I will update as soon as I can. If you’re worried about me just check the “Where is Jason” page to see that I’m still trucking along.


  1. Jeremy Gutierrez-Jensen

    May 23, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    You have a very inverse relationship of how much rest you get and the quality of food you get. Have fun in the sierras! I’ll be stalking you.

    • Unfortunately it seems that way. The first real food I’d always amazing and then it seems the quality and goodness drops the longer I’m in town. I’m sure once I get to Mammoth I’ll experience the best meal of my life.

      • Jeremy Gutierrez-Jensen

        May 23, 2016 at 7:52 pm

        It will definitely be better than my jelly over here. It’s ok though, it’s some good motivation to keep your butt moving.

  2. No…. I need my blog fix!! Having so much fun following your adventure! Good luck the next few weeks!

  3. Hope you don’t try to lighten your load by eating too much and then run short of food before your next stopping point. Enjoy your hike after all your rest.

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