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Day 27: the most interesting road walk

Day 27 – 5/18/16

Casa de Luna 478.23 to Hiker Town 517.59
Total PCT miles: 0
Road walk: ~20

Today was an extremely long road walk of about 20 miles. A few years ago the section of trail north of the road I took to Casa de Luna was part of the Powerhouse Fire. A large section of the trail is burnt and apparently all of their crap is still up there. So in its place is a 20 mile road walk that bypasses 40 miles of the trail.


5 Star and I got up early as usual and made a crap ton of noise to make sure we woke up all the people who set up tents inches away from ours.  I throw everything in my pack and make my way to the front yard to repack stuff and get water.  Terri walks out and makes a comment about every morning she watches us put on these packs and she has no idea how we do it everyday (ok, almost everyday). I slip her a $20 in the donation box, give her a hug, and thank her for an amazing stay. She really is great.  I loved listening to her stories. She truly loves us smelly homeless people.

I collapse my trekking poles and find away to have them attach to my hip belt and sit in between my water bottles. It’s 2 miles back to the trail and then 18 miles on the detour. We set off on the long road walk.

Since I wasn’t on the trail today this post is a bit different. I spent all day looking for crazy or funny things to take pictures of. And boy did I hit the jackpot.

At 7, around 4 miles in  we come across a Llama which looks like it has never been sheared. It looked like a giant sheep.


Around 7 we hit a road where we turn left and start walking along “lakes.” I think lake hughs. Look at it in all of its wet glory.


The best part were all the signs.


Wouldn’t want to pollute that water. Molasses was telling us that there is never water and if there is its more like a puddle.


A canoe would be to big for this place. It did get us thinking if you would get in trouble for riding a dirt bike down there. I mean, it’s not a watercraft…

At 8:20 we get to the Rock Inn, which is an inn/restaurant made out of rocks in case you were wondering. We walk in and order breakfast while listening to the locals gripe about a local crazy lady that calls the police daily to report things like a guy sitting on his porch listening to the radio or a suspicious vehicle which has been dead in a yard for 11 years.


I ordered ham egg scramble, hashbrowns, and biscuits and gravy. Yum! Mountain Mike who we met a few days back in Messenger Flats walks in and talks to us. He stayed the night ans is going to hitch. We leave and are messing with our packs when Ducky, Mommy, Captain, and Tea Time pile out of a car. I call them cheaters as they walk over. They mention seeing the Hobbit as they were riding past the road you walk to Casa de Luna.  We tall for a bit and say good bye. Captain goes in for a beer. 9am, 5pm what’s the difference? Mountain Mike is on the corner working his thumb but not getting any bites. We walk by and wish him luck.

We plod along down the road and see a black jeep drive by and then 10 minutes later it’s coming back. It slows down and it’s an older veteran he offered us a ride but we politely decline and say we’re going to walk it. A few minutes later he passes by again and then comes back. We wonder if captain and team hitched.

As we walk down the street I see a green truck. I ask 5 Star if it’s a Sparkletts truck. He doesn’t know what that is. So I tell him it’s just a 5 gallon water delivery service. We get closer and it is. We walk up and the driver gets back in and asks if we want some water. Uhh yes! I ask if he’ll just follow us for the next 15 miles and hand us water. No dice.


Saw this mail box. Guy used a blower and scoop as his box. Awesome.


Noblett became the word of the day to describe the annoying hikers.


We were walking past a fence and we started getting howled at. I look across the yard and it’s giant wolves in a sanctuary. Pretty babies.


Came across an ostrich crossing sign.


Saw some ostriches. There was a sign saying not to trespass and that there was an armed guard.


No need, ostriches are vicious and could do some serious damage by themselves.


Shortly after the ostriches we this sign.


Just walking down the oncoming traffic lane like I own it.


Oh hey poodle dog brush! And it’s blooming!

I almost walked right past this without noticing.


Guess he should have crossed after the sign.


As we are walking we see some sign or something in the distance. As we get closer we see its a mattress spray painted. Both sides. They don’t take kindly to dumping trash here. It had us laughing pretty hard.




Why? What purpose is their to film your useless dirt?

We started descending and coming around a hill when we saw the flat shadeless stretch we would night hike tomorrow.





We get to a road and turn left for Hiker Town.  There is also a tiki bar on the corner. I think it’s out of business.



At 2:30 we reach Hiker Town. I think it’s a guys property and he just made these little western themed buildings that have a bed and you donate $10 to stay. Not the cleanest place but hey its not a tent. We get a camper trailer with two beds. Captain and crew get a garage full of couches and recliners.



We get a ride back down the road to a market. The Chevy Astro van is a death trap. Driver door doesn’t work from outside. The sliding door is tied shut, and the middle seat row is gone. As we are driving down the road the door is opening and only kept shut from the string. It’s crazy. We get to the tiny market. They make burgers. Sold! I get a cheeseburger with fries, an Arnold Palmer, Pringles, and an ice cream cookie sandwich. We ride back and u hangout in the garage which also has a bathroom and kitchen. I sit in a chair talking for a bit before I get up anf head back to the trailer.  I open my resupply box and see my mom printed a picture of my bad boy Loki. I hang it up in the trailer. I lay on the bed and talk to my parents for awhile.


5 Star and I head back over to the garage and talk with the crew for a bit. They start making food so we go back over to the trailer to eat and I organize my resupply. So much food and so heavy. I take a shower in the hiker shower which is just a garden hose. Brisk is the word.

By this time the sun is dropping and it gets quite cool. I was thinking of staying up late so I could sleep later since we are night hiking tomorrow but it’s 9:30pm and my lids are very heavy. Time for sleep and hopefully I can siesta tomorrow before a long night hike.


  1. Found myself hanging on every word! Awesome photos, too!

  2. Looks like it was an interesting change of pace from hiking. Tomorrow night looks like fun too!

  3. Thank you for writing about your adventure…. Continued good health and luck!!!

  4. Words that are fun to say and spell: Llama

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