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10 days out: Follow my progress

As I hike the Pacific Crest Trail I will be carrying a Delorme Inreach SE. This is a personal locator beacon (PLB) which will send out tracking points, allow me to send and receive text messages, and  send out an SOS to Search and Rescue. The Delorme uses the Iridium satellite network which allows it to essentially have worldwide coverage as long as it has a clear view of the sky or space depending on how you look at it. When I told my mom that I was going to hike the PCT this was her one requirement in “allowing” me to do this.

The cool thing about carrying the PLB is it will send out tracking points at specific intervals which you can then track on a map. Go to my “Where is Jason?” page and you can see my progress along the PCT! There were a couple of options for maps that I couldn’t decide between so I put both on here.  One is through Trackleaders which has the trail on the map highlighted in red, an elevation chart, and others who have linked their PLBs.  Just look for the icon with the initials “JH” to see where I am. You can also click on my name and it’ll show just me and my tracking points but doesn’t have the elevation chart.  The second one is the official Mapshare page through Delorme. It will show my tracking points, speed, and a few other things.


  1. Jeremy Gutierrez-Jensen

    April 12, 2016 at 8:00 am

    How do I send you an sms?

  2. Without General Relativity your PLB would never work. Thank you Einstein!

  3. Loki (God of Mischief)

    April 13, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    I think you should have some fun with your followers and tie your PLB to a wild animal.

  4. I got a bunch of “Cannot Deliver” emails this morning. 🙁

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