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Day 90: Heading back to the trail

Day 90 – 8/2/16

The last couple weeks I did a whole lot of nothing and it was everything I thought it could be. I ate a lot of food that wasn’t trail mix or peanut butter. I laid in bed and watched a lot of Netflix. I also remembered why I hate Arizona. It was hot. So hot. I reactivated insurance on my old bronco but it has really crappy air-conditioning and it sits outside. So I was always hot and sweaty driving around.

I hung out with my friend Jeremy who is going to hike 140 miles with me from Bend to the Oregon/Washington border. I find out he’s been brewing his own beer and made a stout and called it Wrong Tent Stout! Awesome! ┬áHe has a label that he’s making. Can’t wait for that.

Today, Tuesday, I start making my way back to the trail. Jeremy and I fly to Portland where we will stay with his friends and then leave early to catch a greyhound to Bend where we will meet up with Tami. I hiked with Tami way back in the beginning for a few days. Should be fun to see her after a couple months and catch up.

We get to Portland. And take the forever long light rail to the city center and eat at a place called Brix. I’ve been there before for breakfast and it was good. Lunch was OK. After lunch we walked over to this ice cream place called Salt and Straw. It has a line out the door. They have some unique flavors that I don’t think make for good ice cream but there normal flavors are good. I got Chocolate gooey brownie and proceed to apply it to my beard. As we were walking down the street I couldn’t tell if people were smiling to be friendly or if because I had ice cream dripping down my beard.


We walk back to a light rail station to ride out to Hillsboro. A suburb west of Portland where Intel and Nike are located. Jeremy’s friends live out there. We wait for the train and when it shows up it is packed. There is no way we can fit with our packs. We wait for the next one and it has barely enough room. We ride the 1,000 stops out to Hillsboro and his friends pick us up. We head to this First Tuesday Farmers market and walk around. There is also about 20 classic cars there and so Jeremys and I look at those.



I love everything about this martial arts school. The name is amazing.

We head back to the friend’s apartment and watch hilarious Bollywood action scenes while poking and annoying the cats.

We have a 6:30 am bus ride tomorrow morning and it will take about an hour to get to the greyhound station. So we have to be up at 3:45 so we can make the light rail at 4:15. Tomorrow is going to be a long and tiring day on little sleep.


  1. Yay, you’re back! Things just haven’t been the same without you! Looking forward to the next journal entry.

  2. Glad your posting again. Makes our day.

  3. Welcome to Oregon! I think you will enjoy hiking here. Plenty of trees for shade!

  4. Merna Campbell

    August 3, 2016 at 9:27 am

    It was a nice surprise to see your post this morning. Good luck and try to have fun with the rest of the trail.

  5. Yay! No more hot AZ! Don’t go back til summer is over!

  6. Lynn from Bitterwater

    August 3, 2016 at 10:37 am

    So good to see your posts again, glad your hiking with your friend I can tell your spirit has lifted.

  7. Nice to have you back ! Has your foot healed?
    Salt and Straw is awesome.
    we always stop there when we’re in Ptld.

  8. I grew up in Hillsboro! Nice place to be from.

    Nice to hear you’re heading back to the trail and I’m looking forward to following your next section.

  9. Jason make sure you take care of Jeremy!! That’s your responsibility for the next 8 days…

  10. That ice cream looks awesome. I’m sure people we’re smiling (and laughing) at the mess dripping off your beard. Sad that you’re gone, but happy that the blogs are starting again. Be safe and take good care of Jeremy.

  11. Ditto on Az…..11 years in Tucson and glad to be out of it. You’re gonna love Washington PCT…..was my fav section.

  12. Glad to see u back! I missed your pics, experiences, and humor. Now rip it up!

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