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Day 70: Bad things come in threes

Day 70 – 6/30/16

Miller Creek 1120.41 to 1146.73

Total miles: 26.32

Today started off great. I actually got a semi-decent night sleep.  We were on the move by 5:20. My Achilles tendons were a little stiff but a few ibuprofen and a few minutes to warm up took care of that problem. The first couple miles were pretty easy and then we had a 1,200 foot climb.


The climb was easy and I didn’t have any problems keeping up a decent pace.  There was a short descent before going right back up.





We walked along a ridge for several miles. I could see Lake Tahoe off on the distance. We also passed by several ski slopes. Including Wolverine Bowl. It would be a black Diamond.









We finally began to drop down and we stopped for lunch at the bottom next to a creek. This is when my day started going south while I was trying to head north.  My left heel was hurting a bit and when I took off my shoe I had a blister.  I haven’t had a blister in 66 days! Guess new shoes and all. I also was having severe chafe in the nether region. I examined the tender area and used a wet wipe and applied some neosporin. Just touching the area stung.


We set off again, uphill. I had to walk bow legged, as if I just got done with a long horse ride.  A sad cowboy hobbling down a dusty trail.
Even with my ridiculous new gait I reached the top without further issues. Although, it is quite hot. My watch was showing 97. I check to see if I have service and go on Amazon to order a new shirt since mine is definitely growing something. Also, it seems no amount of washing will help with the smell. I complain to 5 Star about my chafe. Now I’m wondering if I’m having a reaction to the laundry detergent my dad gave me. 5 Star suggests going commando. He turns around and I pull off my underwear. We are at the top of a ski slope and there is a strong breeze. The increased airflow up my shorts is quite nice.






I call my mom and tell her to send my shirt with the next resupply she sends and also to add another thing of bug spray.  We talk for a bit as I make my way down over the snow. I really should be paying attention to not falling given my propensity to wanting to slide down snow covered mountains.
I make it halfway down when I start to feel sick. My stomach hurts and each step, even downhill, requires a lot of effort. I start to worry that I pushed my luck on getting water from a creek and not filtering. I really don’t want giardia.

I get down to the bottom where there is a creek. 5 Star is across the creek sitting on a rock. I feel bad since he probably has been there for awhile and he wanted to put in big miles today. I tell him I’m feeling terrible.  We sit for a while before starting a 1,200 foot climb.

I move slowly up the mountain. Each step  tiring. I feel like I almost need to puke but I don’t. I have to take frequent breaks and undo my hip belt. I eventually see the top and can see 5 Star near the top sitting. He is probably only a tenth of a mile away but it takes me a good 10 minutes to reach him. I can barely get one foot in front of the other. I just want to be done.

I get to 5 Star and collapse on the ground.  We sit for a while before continuing on. At the top I can really notice all the smoke from a fire. It seems to be getting thicker in the direction we are heading. We walk along the ridge for awhile dropping slowly.

We come to where there was a tent g spot but some idiot couple is there. With a fire. 1. Can they not see all the smoke? 2. We are in a fire ban area. There was even a huge sign saying no fires. 5 Star informs them that there is a fire ban. I’m sure they don’t care.


We walk off towards some trees hoping to find a spot to put up our tents. We do put it’s kind of crappy. I’m on a slope but I don’t care. I just want the pack off and to lay down. After an hour laying down I feel a bit better. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day sans stomach issues.


  1. Blister, chaffing, and nausea. What a crappy day. Don’t live dangerously. Filter your water. Hope day 71 is better. Love you.

  2. Your stomach is saying “WHAT THE HELL is going on!!! After three days of pizza, burritos, pancakes and ice-cream, I’m not happy with trail-mix and protein bars.” Hope you’re feeling better. Love You Dude!!

  3. Oh, my. I am so sorry your walk today was so painful.
    Stay safe, stay strong. You can over come these darn issues.

    I love you, Jas

  4. Maybe try just a bandana tomorrow a la Naked Dave. That should get you a really nice breeze! 🙂

  5. Hope its all over with at once and better days to come.

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