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Day 15: Short day to Master Splinter’s Cabin

Day 15 – 5/6/16

Campsite 286.68 to Splinter’s Cabin 298.5
Total miles: 11.82

Today was a short day because there is a camping restriction from about 300 to 318. No camping within a mile of Deep Creek Springs. So we only had to do almost 12 miles, right before the camping restriction.


I woke up later than usual and didn’t stay hiking until about 6:30.  I tried to take my time since it would be such a short day but trying to hike slower took more effort than going my natural pace.

The morning was beautiful.  Rolling hills and boulder fields. I am currently heading West so the sun rising behind me and watching it light up the hills and boulders was great.




In the distance, where I was heading, were some dark clouds. It didn’t look like it might rain but you never know.


After awhile I could hear rushing water from Holcomb Creek. The same creek that had stagnant water from yesterday.  Guess it must be getting mountain run off  to have that much of rushing water.


We had to do a couple creek crossings although I’m not sure it was the same creek since there wasn’t as much water.



We came across some giant pine cones. These suckers probably weighed in at 3 pounds. Imagine getting hit in the head from one of these!


Finally we came to a bridge that goes over another creek and at the other end the PCT continues to the right and a 0.1 mile trail to Splinters Cabin goes to the left. Jim and I left Justice a note that we went left. The “cabin” is actually a gazebo on the foundation of an old stone and wood cabin from 1922. No giant rat or teenage turtles though.







It has a huge table so we sat down and ate a early lunch. Before too long Justice rolls up and explodes his pack on the table before binging on his food.




The best part is this.


A beautiful site to any thru hiker.

While eating we finally convinced Justice to accept “The Hobbit” as a trail name. This kid can eat. We Always joke about second breakfast, second lunch, etc ei the him. He also has a tobacco pipe. He has a big faux leather journal he writes in that we joke is the manuscript for “An unexpected journey.” For The last week we kept joking about it and he was hesitant, probably hoping for “The Flash”.


A tired Hobbit

Few days back Jim accepted the trail name “5 star.” Jim seems to have everything. Including two sleeping pads. A foam one and an inflatable one. He has condiments, and a place mat. I’m sure there is more. We were all camped the night after Warner Springs joking and he kept having all these luxury items. I joked and said he was like a 5 star hotel.

So I’ve finally decided to accept a trail name that I was given almost 8 days ago. Here is the story of how I got my name.

The night in Warner Springs it was super dark. No moon or stars due to the black clouds overhead. It was just approaching hiker midnight of 9 pm and most people were in there tents either in bed or with their head lamps on making the tent almost glow. I was hobbling back from the resource center to my tent with my head lamp set in red light mode. Red light isn’t as harsh or bright and it’s usually best for in your tent. The problem was my light isn’t bright and distinguishing colors is even harder with a red light in pitch black. So I’m walking back to try and find my tent. I see the tent I was set up next to and then my tent. But there is a glow of a headlamp on. What the heck?! Who is in my tent I say as I walk up. I crouch down to look in and start to say “are you in my tent” when I realize the material is white and mine is light blue. Then I remember the tent that was next to me moved closer to the tree and was now next to Jims tent which is made of the same material and by the same company just a slightly different model. I get up and go to my tent feeling dumb. The next morning Jim brings it up to and I say it was me and what happened. While eating dinner that night Tami jokes about it and someone  says “Wrong Tent.” So I guess I’m officially Wrong Tent.


  1. Jeremy Gutierrez-Jensen

    May 6, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    Lol a good story, wrong tent. At least you didn’t go actually go into the wrong tent. …yet

  2. Merna Campbell

    May 6, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    LOL love the trail name

  3. Is the pic of the sign supposed to make your Mother feel better?

  4. Wrong Tent sounds very Native American in a Chevy Chase or Steve Martin sort of way. Hahaha I wish I was fly on the wall (or mosquito on a tree?) for that one.

  5. Hitchhiking, the plague, and your tracker not registering you for a few hours all in the span of a 24 hour period is a bit much for me. Please don’t touch the dead animals. Enjoy hearing how you all got your trail names. A place mat and condiments? Very fancy for trail dining.

  6. Great writing Jason. It’s really entertaining to read. I fell behind but I’m finally caught up. I’m glad you found a good group of people to hike with and you’re not alone. It’s amazing that you’re doing this. Also be careful for hantavirus. It’s found in rodent feces and can be passed by breathing it in. Apparently it’s rare so it isn’t something you should worry about, but it’s good to know. Good luck!

  7. Wow wrong tent your stories are so entertaining. I walked 2.89 miles the other day in 64deg!!

  8. Hahaha, I love hearing these stories about trail people. Great job on the blog, keep it up!

  9. Hi, Jason, this is Laura, Jim’s wife. I’ll be following you now. He told me about “5Star” but I had not heard about “Wrong Tent” I’m glad you three have found each other

  10. I’m just glad nobody’s taken the hikingwithwrongtentdotcom joke

  11. Haha, Wrong Tent! I Hope you didn’t get any actual splinters at that cabin. Lol, TMNT is awesome! 🙂

  12. Dances with 2nd Hand Tightie Whities would have been a better trail name.

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