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Day 8: Hike there fast and take it slow


118.9 to 132.4

13.5 miles

6 am rolls around and I get up. We have to be at the bus stop in 35 minutes. The bus stop is right outside our hotel so we don’t have to walk far. I finish packing up my stuff and get some water. I catch up on some writing and schedule some posts to be published while we are traipsing in the woods with moose and bears.

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Delay in posts


I’m having issues getting pictures to upload. The 4G service is spotty and uploading 1 picture can take almost 30 minutes. I am currently in Twin Lakes and heading to Monarch Crest tomorrow. Monarch Crest is tiny and probably won’t have Wi-Fi. After that we are heading to Silverton. I most likely won’t be able to post until then. By our guess Silverton is about 12 days away at earliest. Sorry for the delay. I blame Verizon.  

Day 7: Zero in Frisco


0 miles

Today is going to be a short post. We didn’t do any hiking today bit we did do some walking. We got breakfast across the streer at the Butterhorn Cafe. I gkt a breakfast burrito. It was OK. I’ve had better.

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Day 6: Short day to Frisco


100.8 Horseshoe Gulch to 104.1

3.3 miles

I heard Songbird get up. Around 445. I looked over ans didn’t see 5 Star getting up. I waited a bit more before getting up. As I was just about to get out of my tent Songbird went over and woke up 5 Star. We finished packing and took off. The e miles was pretty easy since it was all down hill.

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Day 5: Georgia Pass


74.7 Guernsey Creek to 100.8 Horseshoe Gulch

26.1 miles

It rained for a long time. I fell asleep around 8 and woke up several times to it still raining. Some time towards the middle of the night it finally stopped. I heard 5 Star and Songbird rustling around. I checked my phone and it was 4am. What the heck! Way too early.

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Day 4: Great places to hide from rain


Mile 55 to 74.7 Guernsey Creek

19.7 miles

I tossed and turned several times but I slept ok. Although, by the time I finished yesterdays post it was 11 pm and the pine cone alarm went off at 5am. Needless to say I was a tired hiker. The good news being we had a pretty easy day ahead of us. When I woke up I had to pee really bad. I didn’t want to jump out of my tent just yet since it was quite cold. I packed up my stuff and slowly transitioned everything outside so I could tear down my tent. I then ran (hobbled) to the nearest pine tree. Sweet steamy relief. I have come close to doing the Ziploc bag method but I’m still worried about holes or spillage. I’ll let you figure out what the method entails.

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Day 3: Meadow full of mad cows


Mile 36.8 to mile 55.0

18.2 miles

I didn’t sleep great last night. I tossed and turned all night. I hoped being tired, not feeling good, and a melatonin would knock me out. Around 5:15 I woke up to a pine cone hitting my tent. I was so tired. On the plus side my stomach didn’t hurt. I sat up and slowly started to pack my stuff away. It was about 52° so it wasn’t too cold.

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Day 2: Scrambled eggs and stomachs


Mile 18.9 to 36.8

17.9 miles

Last night was a full moon. It was so bright!  I didn’t sleep very well. I tossed and turned all night. 5:20 am rolls around and I see 5 Star getting up. I start packing up and eat a Belvita biscuit. About 100 feet away is a buck and a small doe. Grazing by the trail. They kept an eye out for us but basically ignored us as they made their way up alongside the trail.

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Day 1: Durango Unchained


Mile 0 Waterton to 18.9 near South Platte River

18.9 miles

5:30 rolls around. I wake up to the 5 Star alarm clock.  I sure did miss that. I carefully crawl out of the bunk bed and onto the floor. I eat a bagel, banana, and bacon. A 3 B breakfast. Allen offered to drive us to the trailhead and so we head outside and see one of those short shuttle buses. Awesome!

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Day 0: Colorado bound

Day 0

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I’m having issues uploading pictures for some reason. I didn’t take many for this day anyways. I’m hoping when I get Wi-Fi in Frisco I will be able to upload. 

My flight was at 7am from Phoenix to Denver. Getting up at 5 was a bit hard. Which isn’t a good sign since the 5 Star alarm goes off at 5am. I scrambled and finished packing all my gear. My parents were a bit early and I still had a few things to do before heading out for a month.

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