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Day 89: Home sweet home

Day 89 – 7/19/16

I’m home in Phoenix now. I took a greyhound from Weed to Medford and then a flight to Portland in a tiny prop plane. Had about a 3 hour layover and then flew to Phoenix. I got to Phoenix at 5:30 and my mom picked me up at the airport. I decided to just stay at my parents house for the night. My cat is there and it was nice to see him. Continue reading

Day 88: Hard decisions

Day 88 – 7/18/16

Paynes Lake 1591.47 to Sawyers Bar road 1597.25

Total miles: 5.78

Last night was horrible. I might have gotten an hour of sleep. My back was pulsing with pain all night. I packed up my  stuff at 5:20 and was gone by 5:40. I had less than 6 miles to the road into Etna. As I was hiking I made my decision. My back and feet were in too much pain and I was starting to worry about causing permanent damage. I decided I would go home for a couple weeks and then hop back on the trail at Bend, Or with my friend on August third. Continue reading

Day 87: A long day

Day 87 – 7/17/16

1559.04 to Paynes Lake 1591.47

Total miles: 32.43

I had another restless night. My lower back was in constant pain. Just a dull pain enough to make laying on my sleeping pad uncomfortable enough to prevent sleep. I woken up just as it was starting to get light out around 5:20. I packed up and was downing yet another pop tart by 5:45. I was hoping I’d feel better today. My feet and back felt OK but I know it’s a temporary feeling. Those two have been getting sore earlier in the day. Continue reading

 Day 86: A bad day on the trail

Day 86 7/16/16

Porcupine Lake 1528.81 to 1559.04

Total miles: 30.23 plus 0.2 back to trail

I didn’t sleep good last night. I woke up several times and it took awhile to get back to sleep. Once 5 rolled around I slowly got up and packed my stuff away. As I was stuffing the last of my gear into my pack the mosquitoes realized where I was. I seem to have jinxed myself. I heaved my pack on to my shoulders and made my way back to the trail. Continue reading

Day 85: Uphill all day

Day 85 – 7/15/16

Shasta 1498.70 to Porcupine Lake 1528.81

Total miles: 30.11 plus 0.20 to lake

The worst part about a zero in town is having to get up the next morning. The bed is so soft and comfy. I just want to stay in it all day. Alas, the trail won’t hike itself. Yesterday I called Shasta Taxi and asked for the earliest pickup. My taxi would be here at 6:15. I woke up at 5:45 and packed up the rest of my things and filled my water bottles in the tub. Classy right? By 6:05 I was ready and I did a quick double check around the room and walked outside. I put my key in the drop box and walked to the sidewalk to wait. Continue reading

Day 83 & 84: NERO and ZERO in Shasta

Day 83 & 84 – 7/13/16 to 7/14/16

1493.92 to Interstate 5 1498.70

Total miles: 4.78

Last night was kind of weird. I definitely felt alone at night. I woke up a few times as if something startled me out of my sleep. The moon also was shining through this section of trees abut 50 feet away. Very eerie. I got up at 5:20 and was hiking by 5:45. All morning I kept hearing this beeping sound off in the distance. Never figured out what it was. Continue reading

Day 82: Surprising news

Day 82 – 7/12/16

Butcherknife creek 1464.55 to 1493.92

Total miles: 29.37

I’m amazed at how consistent my internal clock is. I never set an alarm and I usually am up just before 5, either on my own or by 5 Star rustling around. This morning was no different except I have no 5 Star alarm. Just my infallible internal clock. I decided to sleep in a bit more because why the he’ll not? It was still a bit dark and I didn’t want to have to get out my headlamp. I slept in until 5:20 and then quickly packed up my things. I shouldered my pack, crossed the creek, and made my way up the tree covered trail munching on my pop tart. I think I’ll never eat a pop tart again after this. Continue reading

Day 81: All by myself

Day 81 – 7/11/16

1432.13 to Butcherknife creek 1464.55

Total miles: 32.42

Last night was cold! I was cowboy camping on a rock outcropping that looked out at Mt Shasta. Around midnight the wind started to pick up and the temperature plummeted. I was freezing. I put on my rain jacket to help and I curled up under my quilt and cinched the top down. It was still a little drafty but I wasn’t freezing. I woke up at 5:15 and quickly packed up. I was ready to get moving so I could warm up. Continue reading

Day 80: An end to an era

Day 80 – 7/10/16

Baum Lake 1405.89 to 1432.13

Total miles: 26.24

As I was just starting to drift off last night the wind picked up suddenly. I was in a large cluster of trees so my tent was mostly protected. I then heard what sounded like a few drops of rain on my tent. I looked up and saw the drops through the thin material. I unrolled my storm doors and hooked them in place. I rearranged my things in the tent to prepare for rain. Luckily none came. Although around midnight I heard something stomping around on the dead leaves just in front of my tent. I couldn’t see since my storm doors were out so I smacked my tent and heard whatever it was run off. Probably just deer. Continue reading

Day 79: Hat Creek Rim and the need of new feet

Day 79 – 7/9/16

1377.53 to Baum Lake 1405.89

Total miles: 28.36

4 am came very fast. I didn’t sleep well at all. If at all. I kept feeling like I may need to leap up and puke in a bush. I tool some tums but it only helped a little. I packed up in the dark and we were off by 4:30.


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