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Day 69: Over Dick’s Pass

Day 69 – 6/29/16

Lake Tahoe 1092.26 to Miller Creek 1120.41

Total miles: 28.15

No more sleeping in until 7:30 and getting a nice big breakfast. 5 Star and I were up at 5:30 getting ready to leave at 6. We packed up and did a quick check of the room and then we were off in the car. We stopped at McDonald’s to grab a quick breakfast before heading back to the trail at Echo Lake. Continue reading

Day 66, 67, & 68: Zeros in Tahoe

Day 66, 67, & 68 – 6/26/16 – 6/28/16

Lake Tahoe 1092.26

Total miles: 0ish

I won’t go into much detail since it’s quite boring. I basically spent the 3 days in Tahoe stuffing my face and spending time with my parents. 5 Star and I did go see Independence Day  Resurgence. It was OK.

The Best Western was near Heavenly Village where there was lots of restaurants and a store. Everything was within a 10 minute walk. Continue reading

Day 65: Lake Tahoe!

Day 65 – 6/25/16

Showers Lake 1081.81 to Echo Lake (Lake Tahoe) 1092.27

Total miles: 10.46

I was woken up by a pine cone hitting my tent. Either a squirrel is posses that I’m encroaching on their tree or 5 Star is using his patented Pine cone alarm clock. It was the latter. I pack up my stuff and we are off by 5:30. Ready for our milk shake at the Echo Lake chalet and then spending a few days in Lake Tahoe.


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Day 64: A relaxing day

Day 64 – 6/24/16

1060.91 to Showers Lake 1081.81

Total miles: 20.90 miles

I could not fall asleep last night. My back and hip hurt too much and I just couldn’t get comfortable. Until about 3 and then of course I had no problem. We packed up and were gone a little before 5:30.

The trail was relatively easy all day. Just a few up and downs and not much snow. In the morning we headed towards “The Nipple.”



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Day 63: Hot dog magic

Day 63 – 6/23/16

1038.30 to 1060.91

Total miles: 22.61

Today was all about getting 10 miles in as fast as possible. In 10 miles was trail magic. Mad Dog’s sisters would be at highway 4 with real food! We left at the usual 5:30 and we were moving. Even with the climb we are able to do almost 3 mph in the first hour.


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Day 62: No bear can should mean no more snow

Day 62 – 6/22/16

Just north of Sonora Pass 1017.79 to

Total miles: 20.51 miles

Last night I thought one of the guy lines had come loose again. I go out and check but it was fine. I must have imagined it. Since I was up I decide to pee. As I’m peeing coyotes start to howl. Oh crap. I’m going to get mauled by coyotes. I quickly finish and dive back into the impenetrable fortress that is my tissue paper tent. The howling stops. I go back to sleep. Continue reading

Day 61: So long bear can and thanks for all the back pain!

Day 61 – 6/21/16

1001.29 to just north of Sonora Pass 1017.79

Total miles: 16.5

Last night I was held hostage by mosquitoes. One of my tent guy lines unhooked from a tent stake and so the tent was drooping on my head. Except there were about 30 blood suckers just sitting on my netting. I kept hitting the netting to shoo them away but the bastards just kept coming back. I was hoping they would go to sleep once it got dark and cooled off but they wouldnt. Eventually I gave up and quickly got out and fixed my tent. By the time I got back in my tent about 5 of them got inside. I spent the next few minutes smashing them. I need a pet bat to sit on my shoulder so he can get fat from these stupid bugs. Continue reading

Day 60: One thousand

Day 60 – 6/20/16

977.74 to 1001.29

Total miles 23.55

It was a totally different morning compared to yesterday morning. It was actually quite nice. Wasn’t too cold and there was no condensation. No mosquitoes either.  Today we planned on putting in some miles to make up for how little we did yesterday. Luckily most of the day consisted of a some what easy elevation. There are a couple steep climbs but they are fairly short.

We set out following along a creek. The sake creek that wanted to kill me if I slid off that stupid slope of snow. Within a couple miles we passed by what appeared to be the skull of a mountain lion. Poor kitty cat. Nonetheless it was pretty cool to see.


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Day 59: Frosty morning and snow covered afternoon

Day 59 – 6/19/16

Matterhorn Creek 962.06 to mile 977.74

Total miles: 15.68

I woke up this morning with the top of my quilt covered in frost. Great… Everything was frosted. Another cowboy camping failure. After I packed up my stuff I went to put my shoes on. Frozen solid. Awesome. What a great start to the day. My right shoe is falling apart. There is a huge rip on the side by my big toe. All of the creek crossings and snow have shredded the material. I worried that shoving my foot into the frozen shoe would just rip it even more. Luckily it didn’t rip more but the shoe is almost done for. I’m getting new ones in Tahoe but that is 130 miles away. Hold together shoe. Hold together.


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Day 58: Just another day

Day 58 – 6/18/16

Tuolumne Meadows 942.50 to Matterhorn Creek 962.06

Total miles: 19.44

No bears last night. Just the shouting of stoners until late in the night. 5 am came quickly and I waited until I heard 5 Star deflate his sleeping pad before I started getting ready. Have to grab those few precious extra moments of warmth. We packed up and then all three of us headed to the campground bathrooms. Might as well use a real toilet before heading out into the backcountry again. Continue reading

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