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Month: February 2016

60 days out: Frequently asked questions

Whenever I tell people I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail I almost always get asked the same questions. Some of them are pretty ridiculous.

Are you crazy?

Most likely. Continue reading

65 days out: Are you crazy?

Most likely.

I get asked this question quite often.  Apparently quitting your job, walking 2,650 miles to Canada, sleeping with bears, and hitch hiking with strangers are not seen as rational decisions. Yet for some reason whenever I tell someone about my upcoming journey they talk to me for quite awhile, ask lots of questions, and usually finish by saying they are jealous. So maybe they are jealous that I’m crazy? I don’t know. Continue reading

The Big Three

Most of my time and energy was spent researching what pack, tent, and sleeping bag I would bring with me for 5 months. In my opinion this is the most important decision a thru-hiker will make. When it comes to these items lighter is better. These are the items you definitely do not want to cheap out on. You can easily save at least 2 pounds or more for each item over your general backpacking gear if you look into small companies that focus on ultralight gear. Zpacks, ULA, Gossamer Gear, Enlightened Equipment, and Tarptents are just a few companies that offer quality products that are extremely light. For me personally I saved close to 10 pounds when I switched my pack, tent, bag, and sleeping pad. Had I known or been introduced to ultralight backpacking sooner I could have saved myself a lot of money and back strain. Continue reading

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