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Day 78: Downhill to Old Station

Day 78 – 7/8/16

1347.71 to 1377.53

Total miles: 29.18

I got to sleep in this morning. We had reservations for breakfast at Drakesbad which starts at 7:30. Sleeping in is hard. I was awake well before 5. I laid on my pad tossing and turning until 6:30. I packed up my stuff and put my pack in the bear box. 5 Star and I walked the quarter mile or so to Drakesbad. The resort is a bunch of small cabins. Not really what I imagined. We headed for the largest building hoping it was the food building. Sure enough it was. I inquired about breakfast and about picking up my resupply box. Continue reading

Day 77: Halfway there!

Day 77 – 7/7/16

Carter Creek 1315.51 to Warner Creek Campground 1347.71

Total miles: 32.21

Last night around midnight I heard dead branches snapping right by my tent. What the heck is that? Deer? Bear? Puma? I go back to sleep thinking about how my other trekking pole is up against the log by dead branches. I think about how deer will run off with my pole to get the salt encrusted salt handle. Continue reading

Day 76: A long climb out of Belden

Day 76 – 7/6/16

Belden 1284.43 to Carter Creek 1315.51

Total miles: 31.08

It was so nice to sleep in a bed last night! I even had a pillow! Such luxury. We had the windows open and the room was cooling down. The bed only had a sheet which was fine until around 3 when I woke up freezing. There were no blankets and I didn’t want to empty my pack to get to the quilt which was stuffed at the bottom. I curled up and went back to sleep. Continue reading

Day 75: Nero in Belden

Day 75 – 7/5/16

1270.04 to 1284.43

Total miles: 14.37

Woke up today again feeling very tired. Took me a few minutes of sitting before I started to pack up my stuff. We started moving by 5:20 back up to the trail. It was a steep climb back to the trail. Never like those early in the morning. My Achilles tendon is always sore and tight in the morning. 5 Stat and I got back onto the trail without being impaled by dead fall branches too much. Continue reading

74: Independence Day on the trail

Day 74 – 7/4/16

1237.98 to 1270.04

Total miles: 32.06

Waking up was very hard for me this morning. I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep all day. But nobody is going to hike the miles for me. I sat up and slowly started getting ready. I was packed up and hobbling down the trail eating a crushed pop tart by 5:20. At least the trail went downhill for most of the morning. Continue reading

 Day 73: Just another day on the trail

Day 73 – 7/3/16

1205.31 to 1237.98

Total miles: 32.67

5 Star woke me up at 4:30 packing up his crap. Why was he getting ready so early?! I had taken my ear plugs out a couple hours earlier so I put them back in. It was too late though. The damage had been done and I couldn’t go back to sleep. At 4:50 I begrudgingly sat up and started packing up my stuff. By 5:15 we had left Morgan’s Diner.


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Day 72: Hot climb to magic

Day 72 – 7/2/16

1179.75 to 1205.31

Total miles: 25.56

Today we got going a bit earlier than usual since we would be stopping in Sierra City to resupply. We were moving by 5:15 although I felt I was moving slow. My feet were a little sore from yesterday’s big day. Luckily the trail was mostly down hill to town. It also was in a dense forest which was nice but not much to see.


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Day 71: High miles and cannibalism

Day 71 – 7/1/16

1146.73 to 1179.75

Total miles: 33.02

5 am. Pinecone alarm clock.  Today’s the day. New month.  Eye of the Tiger is blasting in my head. System diagnostic confirms stomach is at 100%. Nether region chafe and blister are at manageable levels. Time to show this trail who is boss.

By 5:20 we were pounding trail. The trail dropped for quite awhile. This let us get in some miles. We were able to do 3.2 miles between 5:30 and 6:30. Take that trail!


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Day 70: Bad things come in threes

Day 70 – 6/30/16

Miller Creek 1120.41 to 1146.73

Total miles: 26.32

Today started off great. I actually got a semi-decent night sleep.  We were on the move by 5:20. My Achilles tendons were a little stiff but a few ibuprofen and a few minutes to warm up took care of that problem. The first couple miles were pretty easy and then we had a 1,200 foot climb.


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