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Day 46: Getting high on the PCT

Day 46 – 6/6/16

Mile 775.3 to just before Glenn Pass 790.0

Total miles: 14.7 miles

Today was the day. Up Forester pass. The pass that I’ve been looking forward to for over a year.  We had camped around 11,400 feet and had to climb to 13,200 feet. The highest point on the Pacific Crest Trail. Mount Whitney technically isn’t on the PCT so it doesn’t count. We were up and moving by 5:20 am. We had 5 miles to go to get over the pass.


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Day 45: Short day setting up for Forester Pass

Day 45 – 6/5/16

Crabtree Meadow 766.3 to 775.5

Total miles: 9.2 miles

Today started off with an immediate climb that was quite steep. I’m not a fan of doing a steep climb right away. I need a mile or two to warm up otherwise I move slow. The climb was about a mile and 700 feet of elevation. We reached the top and we’re greeted with a fantastic view. Although, it’s a given out here. Everywhere I look has an amazing view.

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Day 44: Conquering Mt Whitney

Day 44 – 6/4/16

Crabtree Meadows 766.3

Total miles: 17.4

1 am came quickly and I put my down jacket, rain jacket, microspikes, ice ace, gloves, water bottles, and some food in my pack and left everything else in my tent. 5 Star didn’t want to do Whitney so he would stay to guard my tent from marmots. Continue reading

Day 43: Kings of Turd Rock

Day 43 – 6/3/16

Mile 747.2 to Crabtree Meadows 766.3

Total miles :19.1

5 Star’s alarm went off at 5 as usual. I wasn’t feeling it and wanted to stay under my quilt for a few more minutes.  5 Star gets out of his tent and says no rush in getting packed since he has to go off and bury some treasure. Perfect. Continue reading

Day 42: Feeling the altitude

Day 42 – 6/2/16

Campsite 725.1 to campsite 747.2

Total miles: 22.1

The standard wakeup and departure occurred as usual. Just as I was finishing packing up the mosquitoes came out. Worthless creatures. The first 5 miles of the day were all downhill, which was nice. We dropped from 10,000 feet all the way down to about 8,000.


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Day 41: A heavy haul up into the Sierra

Day 41 – 6/1/16

Kennedy Meadows 702.23 to campsite 725.01

Total miles: 22.78

We woke up at 4:30am and packed up our stuff. Including our heavy bear cannister. It really does take up a lot of space and weighs a metric ton. I shove my bear can in my pack and I can barely close the top of my pack. It just barely fits. I eat the last two oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Breakfast of champions. We walk back to the general store and throw away our trash and fill up a liter of water. We day good bye to the dark store.


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Day 40: Zero in Kennedy Meadows

Day 40 – 5/31/16

Kennedy Meadows 702.23

Total miles: 0

Not much to say about today. Basically spent all day on the porch of the KM store. Took a cold shower. Did some laundry. Ate a burger. Talked to some hikers.  Ate some more ice cream. Ate a frozen bean burrito.

Day 39: So long desert; hello Sierra Nevada!

Day 39 – 5/30/16

Fox Mill Spring 683.10 to Kennedy Meadows 702.23

Total miles: 19.14

I woke up today at 4:45 and laid waiting for 5 Star to start getting ready. 5 came and past and he still wasn’t up. 10 minutes later I reached over and tapped his foot. He woke up and looked at his watch and then started getting ready. We packed up got some more water and took off.  We still had another 4 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing to do. Then it was down hill for awhile before flattening out. Continue reading

Day 38: Unexpectedly held captive

Day 38 – 5/29/16

Mile 669.55 to Fox Mill Spring 683.1

Total miles: 13.55

Today was expected to be crappy. The morning would consist of a 2,000 foot gain over 4 miles, lots of small up and downs, a large descent and then a 3,000 foot gain over 6 miles. This would set us up for a 12ish mile day into Kennedy Meadows tomorrow. Continue reading

Day 37: Two milestones in one day

Day 37 – 5/28/16

Walker Pass Campground 651.30 to 669.55

Total miles: 18.25

Another ridiculous night. Around 11:30 some ass hat backs their truck and horse trailer up next to the table that has a box of food for hikers and gallons of water on the ground. Unloads their two horses being as loud as he can. Ties up the horses to the trailer where they proceed to shit and piss all over the ground next to the water.  I could smell it all night and I’m sure my quilt smells like it still. Why did they have to set up right there next to where people are camped out? There were plenty of other places around the campground. Continue reading

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