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Day 57: A easy day in the Sierra

Day 57 – 6/17/16

923.26 to Tuolumne Meadows 942.50

Total miles: 19.24

I was out at 6:30 last night. I slept so good until about 1 am. The moon is back and it was bright. I found that if I button up the top of my quilt around my neck and then pull the cinch cord and slip down further into the quilt my pillow will stay with me on the pad. It also blocks the moon light. By the time 5 am rolled around I was feeling tired and not wanting to get out of my warm quilt and tent. Continue reading

Day 56: On the trail again, slowly

Day 56 – 6/16/16

Mammoth of 906.63 to 923.26

Total miles: 16.63 miles plus 4 miles back to trail

5 am came early. I did not want to get out of that warm soft bed. Mad Dog and Alice were coming at 6 am to pick 5 Star and I up to take us back to the trail. I finished packing up my stuff and ate my baked goods I got from the bakery yesterday morning. I sat on the bed counting down the minutes watching TV. My left foot still hurt. The top tendon was still sore even after 3 days of ice and rest. Continue reading

Day 54 and 55: Food, rest, and food

Day 54 and 55 – 6/14/16 and 6/15/16

Mammoth 903.3

Sleeping in a bed! Best night of sleep! So comfy. I woke up around 7 and 5 Star and I walked down the street to the Breakfast Club. I ordered french toast with strawberries. It was pretty good. Not the best I’ve ever had.


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Day 53: Dreaming of Mammoth

Day 53 – 6/13/16

3.5ish miles on Cascade valley alternate to Mammoth 903.3

Total miles: 13ish miles

Packing up in the morning was very difficult. Everything was still wet and it was very cold. Trying to stuff my tent in its stuff sack was hard. My fingers were ice cold and not working correctly. We started up the trail back to the PCT to Purple Lake. It was about a 1,700 foot climb over 3 miles or so. I was in a better mood and hopeful my camera would work. I planned on getting rice and letting it sit in a bag of rice over night. If that didn’t work then I would upgrade my phone to take better pictures since my Galaxy S5 is terrible.

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Day 52: White out over Silver Pass

Day 52 – 6/12/16

Vermillion Valley Resort 878.75 to 3.5 miles on Cascade Valley alternate

Total miles: 15ish

Sometimes words fail. Last night. Today. The last 24 hours were almost hike ending. Today’s post will be very short. Today absolutely sucked. To start off the annoying group of stoners sat around a fire being loud until probably 11 pm. Shouting about dumb shit all night. They only went to their tents when it started to rain. Continue reading

Day 51: Nero at Vermillion Valley Resort

Day 51 – 6/11/16

Mile 873.64 to Vermillion Valley Resort 874.5 plus 7.2 mile side trail

Total miles: 8.06

Today was the day. VVR! Real food! Hot shower! Real toilet! Laundry! I was up all night thinking about it. I woke up at 5:05 and laid there for a minute until 5 Star threw a pinecone at my tent. I shouted that I was up. I packed up my stuff and shoved the only food I had left into my hip belt pocket. 2 snickers and a Lara bar. We had to climb about 750 feet to the Bear Station junction which led us 7.2 miles to VVR. Continue reading

Day 50: Over Seldon Pass

Day 50 – 6/10/16

San Joaquin River bridge 853.30 to mile 873.64

Total miles: 20.34

I was hoping benadryl would help me sleep but it did not. My back hurts too much for me to get comfortable. I’m constantly tossing on my tiny pad trying to find a comfortable position to no avail. 5 am comes around and I get out of my tent to unleash the dark side of the force. Early morning is the only time I can go without being attacked by mosquitoes.  Continue reading

Day 49: Long and tiring day in the snow

Day 49 – 6/9/16

Little Pete’s Meadow 831.6 to San Joaquin River bridge 853.3

Total miles: 21.7

I did not sleep well at all last night. I couldn’t fall asleep. I was so uncomfortable last night. My lower back and hips have been aching after I’m done for the day. Especially my back. I woke up at 1 and my pad was partially deflated. I don’t know if I have a hole since it was fine in the morning or if I didn’t close the valve good enough. Either way I had a terrible night which left me very tired in the morning. Continue reading

Day 48: Mather Pass I dislike you

Day 48 – 6/8/16

Lake Marjorie 808.6 to Little Pete’s Meadow 831.6

Total miles: 23 miles

I slept pretty good last night. Only woke up a couple times which is much better than the several times normally. I woke up around 11 and the inside of my tent was damp from condensation so I opened up my storm doors to get some airflow. When I woke up at 4:30 my tent was mostly dry inside. I packed up my stuff and we were heading towards Mather Pass by 5:15. The pass was still about 8 miles away. Unfortunately my shoes and socks from yesterday were still soaking wet. I put on a dry pair but I didn’t have high hopes for them staying dry long. The trail it’s very wet from the snow melt,  plus we constantly have to cross creeks.


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Day 47: Two passes in a day

Day 47 – 6/7/16

Just before Glen Pass 790.0 to Lake Marjorie 808.6

Total miles 18.6

Holy crap today was long and tiring! We got started at 5:30 am and didn’t finish until 6:45 pm. We began the day with our microspikes on and climbed over Glen Pass. We had a mile and about 500 feet to climb. And it took am hour to go that mile. Some southbounders told us the switchbacks were clear of snow. They were not. Never trust a southbounder, section hiker, or flip flopper. They lie. Continue reading

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