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Day 25: Nero at Casa de Luna

Day 25 – 5/16/16

Bouquet Canyon road Campsite 465.6 to Casa de Luna 478.2

Total miles: 12.6 + 2 mile road walk

I feel like I’m getting repetitive with the up by 5 and gone by 5:30. I need to figure out a better way to begin these posts. If only I had time to think about these things.

The day consisted of going up and over a couple mountains.  I felt pretty good today and had a good pace except for a few places uphill.


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Day 24: Grapes and omelets

Day 24 – 5/15/16
Acton KOA 444.31 to Bouquet Canyon road Campsite 465.6

Total miles: 21.29

5 Star and I did the usual up by 5 gone by 5:30.  Last night wasn’t too bad.  There were people playing music pretty late and a road less than 50 feet away that motorcyclist scream down.  My earplugs helped block out most of the sound, could still hear Mexican music though. I was so tired from not sleeping the night before that I only woke up a few times. I did go to the bathroom around midnight and I’m pretty sure someone had just finished taking a shower. Showering at midnight. Continue reading

Day 23: Hiking fast for a pizza

Day 23 – 5/14/16

Messenger Flats 430.6 to Acton KOA 444.31

Total miles: 13.71

Cowboy camping did not work out. My wind blocking logs didn’t block enough.  I lasted an hour before I had to hurriedly set up my tent. After I set up my tent I tossed and turned until midnight. I turned on my phone and checked if I had service. I had a single bar of 4G so I updated day 19 which took an hour. After I messed around on my phone to kill time. I just couldn’t get comfortable. At 2:30 I fell asleep for an hour or so.  By 5 I was up getting packed up to leave by 5. Continue reading

Day 22: Dodging Poodle Dog Brush

Day 22 – 5/13/16

Sulphur Springs Campground 407.1 to Messenger Flats Campground 430.6

Total miles: 23.5 less a couple miles for detour

4:30 am comes fast. 5 Star and I were the only people in the campground last night. No scream queens or tent check nozzles.  Our goal was to get to the Mill Creek Fire Station early so we could rest,  hydrate and pack out a lot of water since we would be dry camping.


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Day 21: Another road walk

Day 21 – 5/12/16

Little Jimmy Campground 383.86 to Eagles Roost 390.2 road walk to 398 to Sulphur Springs Campground  407.1

Total miles: 6.34 + ~5 mile road walk + 9.1 = 20.44

Last night was ridiculous. At around 11:30 pm some dude screamed pretty loud. Probably from a bad dream. A couple seconds later I hear murmuring and someone says “what’s going on?” A couple minutes later some asshat with his headlamp on started walking around the campground shining it into everyone’s tent.  He walks over to my tent, couches down in front of my opening, which I’ve left open, and shines his light right in my face.  “What are you doing?!” I annoyingly ask.  “Trying to find out who that was” he replies. He stands up and walks around for another couple minutes. I just don’t get it.  1. How the hell did he think he could figure out who yelled by waking everyone up by shining his light in everyone’s tent? 2. Why? Why even try? It was one hell, clearly someone who had a bad dream or was startled. Idiots. Idiots everywhere. Continue reading

Day 20: Steep climb over Baden Powell

Day 20 – 5/11/16

Guffy Campground 364.36 to Little Jimmy Campground 383.86

Total miles: 19.5

Today involved another long steep climb so 5 Star and I wanted to start early so we could get over the climb before it got too hot.  We got going by 5:30 and the hungry Hobbit slept in as usual.  It was 6 miles to the water source at a visitor center.  Continue reading

Day 19: Long, hot, exposed, and all uphill

Day 19 – 5/10/16
Cajon Pass 341.86 to Guffy campground 364.36
Total miles: 22.5 plus 1 mile road walk back to trail

Sorry, for the delay in posts. I haven’t had reliable service for a few days. Usually only while I’m hiking and I can’t stop to update since it is a bit of a process to get the pictures on here. It took a couple hours of limited service to get this day’s pictures uploaded. Unfortunately, the lack of service will continue and it’ll be days to possibly over a week once I’m in the Sierras. Rest assured dear readers that I will update as soon as I have enough service to upload my photos! Days 20 to 22 will be uploaded tomorrow when I get to the Acton KOA where I’ll be eating an extra lare pizza all by my self. 

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Day 18: Thank the trail gods for McDonald’s

Day 18 – 5/9/16

Campsite 335.6 to Cajon Pass 341.87

Total miles: 6.27 miles

Cowboy camping was a bad choice.  I couldn’t sleep at all last night and by morning my quilt was extremely wet on top. 5 Star’s quilt was wet too. I tossed and turned all night and kept worrying about how we my quilt was getting. I woke up for the hundredth time at 5:15 and decided to pack up and leave. McDonald’s is only 7 miles away! 5 Star packed up and left with me at 5:30. Continue reading

Day 17: Lakeside burger delivery

Day 17 – 5/8/16

Grassy Valley 317.96 to Small camping site 335.6
Total miles: 17.64

Rattlesnake stole all the eggs from the Hobbit.

The plan was to sleep in until at least 6:30am this morning but with the sun rising before 6, the birds chirping, and the inside of my tent a little damp from condensation I decided to get up and moving by 6 am. 5 Star and I started walking out of our camping spot that was tucked away and not visible from the trail. We passed by 4 people cowboy camping (no tent) and one person in there tent. Not sure how late they got in since they weren’t there at 7:30 pm when I fell asleep. Continue reading

Day 16: Up Deep Creek Springs

Day 16 – 5/7/16

Splinters Cabin 298.5 to 317.96 Grassy Valley campsite
Total miles: 19.46

Last night before going to bed was a bit creepy.  There is a parking area right by the cabin and there were several cars that came and left throughout the day. Around 4pm an Ford Expedition came and backed in to a spot so I could see the front end from the cabin. Around 6:30pm a guy and girl walk up the path and back to their truck. Then they just sat there in the truck for 45 minutes. What the heck… Then I hear the engine start but the guy turns it off after 5 seconds. They both get out and the girl sits on a big rock while the guy paces around smoking. 10 minutes later they get back in and just sit until it was well into dusk. Finally, just as its about to get dark they drive off after idling in the parking area for a few minutes. Very strange. I woke up several times throughout the night to look around and see if there were any cars. Continue reading

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